The Dutch Vintage Sports Car Club (DVSCC) aims to offer owners of pre-war sports cars, including 'sports tourers' and 'race cars', the opportunity to enjoy their cars in a recreational way. The DVSCC aspires to bring the authentic atmosphere of historic motorsport back to race tracks in Holland and abroad in a division for 'pre-war' automobiles. Keywords for the DVSCC atmosphere are nostalgia, low costs and above all a relaxed and safe atmosphere.

Members' cars are classified as ‘Edwardian cars’ built between 1908 and 1919, ‘Vintage cars’ built before 1931 and ‘Post-Vintage cars’ and ‘Thoroughbred sports cars’ built before 1940. The make or value of the car is not important. The essence is that all cars date from the same period and radiate the same atmosphere, evoking the memory of pre-war racing events on circuits such as Brooklands, Monza, Montlhéry or the Nürburgring and events such as the Mille Miglia and Circuit des Ardennes.

At DVSCC events, the focus lies on responsible driving skills and proper knowledge of the driving characteristics of the car. All participants and participating cars must meet the safety requirements that apply at a particular event. In addition, each member and each participant is responsible for presenting their pre-war car to the best of their knowledge and ability in an excellent and well-maintained condition. At all track events, it is mandatory to wear a well-fitted overall and helmet. A racing or rally license is not required.

The DVSCC was founded in 2005 and has since acquired a solid position in the Dutch classic car scene. During the Classic GP it will present a wide variety of pre-war cars.

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