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Spice SE92 GTP: ‘the last and the fastest, accidentally’

Spice Engineering was one of the most successful constructors of the Group C and IMSA Sportscar class. Between 1986 and 1992, the specialist manufacturer had produced over three dozen Group C and GTP cars, a number only matched by Porsche. Especially in the Group C2 class, the nimble machines were in a league of their own. The last and fastest of them all was the Denon sponsored SE92 raced stateside by David Tennyson.

To make good use of the 770 hp Chevrolet Push Rod V8 power the car was fitted with two tunnels underneath to direct air flow and generate down force. During the 1992 season the Spice crew were anxiously looking for space for a suspension upgrade when they came up with the idea of routing the exhaust directly into the tunnel. Accidentally this increased the airflow and thus the downforce generating even more grip. Drivers claimed they could actually feel the grip increase with the revs. Maximum downforce measured on the SE92 exceeded 5.000 kgs!

The car became the only Spice to be converted to AK93 GTP specifications, of which only three kits were ever made, in order for it to race in the IMSA GTP championship. The AK93 kit featured a slightly narrower windshield and a bi-plane rear wing as well as some mechanical updates. It eliminated the door entry which was filled by a carbon panel to increase stiffness. The driver entered and exited the car via the window.

Dave Tennyson racing debuted the car at the 1993 Atlanta Motor Speedway IMSA round. It achieved podium finishes in Miami, Lime Rock, Laguna Seca and Portland and Tennyson finished 8th in the 1993 IMSA championship despite missing five rounds.

During the Classic GP Assen Dutchman Michiel Campagne races the last and ‘accidentally’ the fastest Spice SE92 GTP in the KW Group C Supercup.

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