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Simca Rallye: a desired ‘boy racer’

From 1961 to 1978 French manufacturer Simca produced the 1000, a modest 4-door saloon car. With independent suspension, a weight of only 750 kilograms and the engine placed in the back the Rallye-versions soon made their mark in both rally and racing. Former Dutch Formula One driver Jan Lammers won his very first race in one at the tender age of sixteen.

Back in the sixties and seventies the Simca Rallye 2 rapidly achieved cult status thanks to a double carburated 1.300 cc engine, disc brakes and better weight distribution due to the water cooling system being placed at the front. With the optional wide body kit, alloy wheels, ‘faster’ camshaft and double Weber carburettors the Rallye 2 produced up to 110 bhp achieving top speeds of over 180 kilometers per hour.

As a child Jan Lammers helped out at Rob Slotemaker’s anti slip school who soon discovered his employee showed some remarkable driving skills. At sixteen years of age, without a driving license, Jan won his very first car race driving one of Slotemaker’s Simca Rallye cars. Lammers raced the Simca for three seasons before moving on to become a world famous racing driver in Formula Three, Formula One and in Sports car racing, making the Simca a desired piece of kit for ‘boy racers’ across the country.

The red and white Simca Rallye is an exact replica of the car in which the Dutchman won his very first race. During the Classic GP Assen it is entered in the ETCC 1300 HARC class by Dutchman Jeroen Feijten.

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