Beach MK5-B: One of the pilgrim Formula Vs

American Gene Beach founded Beach Racing Cars in 1963 and revolutionized Formula Vee racing with his racing car designs. In the sixties his Mk4 and MK5 models were among the most competitive FVs and his 1972 prototype developed in conjunction with Volkswagen America formed the basis for the new Super Vee class.

This Beach MK5-B is one of ten cars that were imported by Ben Pon in 1965 to launch Formula Vee racing in The Netherlands. After 2 years the racing school of Daan Constandze bought several of Ben Pon’s Beach MK5-Bs to provide for lesson cars. After a 15-week course Dutchman Alfred Abbenes earned his racing license in this car and used it to compete in Dutch national and international races. The car retired from competition in 1972 only to be resurrected 23 years later.

In 1995 Jaap van Hoorn bought the Beach and restored it together with Jan Tjassing. Jan and Jaap raced the car until 2002, achieving occasional wins and podium finishes. In 2002 Martin Bourgondien raced it in the historic Monoposto Racing league. The car won several races from 2002 up until 2006. In 2005 the car was restored again by Jaap van Hoorn, Jan Tjassing and Tony Perrin, following a heavy start crash at Zandvoort. In 2007 Van Hoorn entered the car into the HFVE-championships. In 2009 Rob van Hoorn took over the wheel and scored several podium positions. In 2010 the Beach finally took its first championship as Rob won HFVE's pre 1967 one carburettor class, winning the races at Oschersleben and Hockenheim. After another severe crash the MK5-B got another complete overhaul. In 2019, out of 18 competing cars it finished third in its class.

This Beach MK5-B is the oldest FV on the grid this weekend; a true pilgrim. It was there at the start of FV racing in The Netherlands and still is a regular podium finisher in the hands of Dutchman Ruben van Hoorn who will race it during the Classic GP Assen.

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