YAMAHA: 4 world champions, 4 Dutch TT winners

The Yamaha Racing Heritage Club (YRHC) concludes a memorable opening season in the 'Cathedral of Speed' during the Classic GP Assen. On its most successful track, the brand has won more than 40 Grand Prix races in Assen, 15-times World Champion Giacomo Agostini, 7-times Champion Phil Read, 2-times Champion Dieter Braun and 2-times Champion Carlos Lavado will be back in action on September 17th. and 18th.

11 Dutch TT wins

The 4 racers won no less than 11 Dutch TT races for Yamaha. Englishman Phil Read, who won the very first world title for Yamaha in 1965, triumphed in Assen 4 times, just like Carlos Lavado from Venezuela. German Dieter Braun won at Assen on a Yamaha in 1973 and became the first 250cc world champion on a non-factory machine that year. Italian Giacomo Agostini concluded his impressive career with the first 350 cc and 500 cc world titles for Yamaha. His Dutch TT victories in 1974 were also the first in those categories on a 2-stroke machine, after the 4-stroke's dominance for many years.

Yamaha Racing Heritage Club

Launched in 2021, the Yamaha Racing Heritage Club (YRHC) is a unique way for Yamaha to showcase and honor its rich racing heritage. YRHC works with owners and collectors of classic Yamaha racing motorcycles and gives members exclusive access to advanced technical support to help maintain the machines. In addition, members can also authenticate their machine to the official YRHC database, officially confirming a place in Yamaha's racing history.

At the Classic GP Assen, YRHC will showcase Yamaha's entire 65-year racing history with a large collection of iconic Yamaha racing motorcycles.

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