Preview at JACK'S Racing Day

Classic GP Assen offered a unique preview on things to come during the annual JACK’S Racing Day, Europe’s biggest combined car, kart and motorcycle racing event at the TT Circuit Assen. Tens of thousands of race fans, among them a lot of families, got a glimpse of racing history which in case of the Dutch TT circuit goes back to 1925.

Representing the pre-war era were an Alfa Romeo and several Bugatti’s from the Dutch Vintage Sports Car Club, while the oldest Grand Prix motorcycles, the Norton Manx and AJS 7R, dated back to the fifties. A couple of R7 and OW01 Yamaha superbikes enforced the four stroke rumble. A sixties Aermacchi 350cc and a seventies 500cc Suzuki RG and König were followed by Yamaha TZ’s and Honda’s RS from the eighties and 250 Aprilia and Honda machinery from the nineties.

All participants in the preview will be racing at the Cathedral of Speed in their respective classes during the Classic GP Assen.

  • Jack's Racing Day zondag 7-8-2022 foto Damon Teerink-4030.jpg
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  • Jack's Racing Day zaterdag 6-8-2022 foto Damon Teerink-9755.jpg

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