MotoGP Legend Kevin Schwantz returns to Dutch TT track

30 years after his final Dutch TT victory, American Kevin Schwantz, the 1993 500cc world champion, returns to the Dutch TT track for the Classic GP Assen which takes place September 8th. to 10th. at the TT Circuit Assen in Holland. ‘Revvin’ Kevin’ will ride his 1989 Pepsi Suzuki RGV 500 as well as his 1994 Lucky Strike Suzuki RGV 500.

The icon that Valentino Rossi was for the Dutch fans during the past decade, such an icon was Kevin Schwantz to them in the early nineties. The motorcycle racer from Texas (USA) was known for his spectacular riding style which made him a crowd favourite; even more so because despite his many victories, during his first 5 years in Grand Prix racing the world title eluded him. Bearing the colours of the Dutch Grand Prix’s main sponsor Schwantz was the event’s poster boy for many years. And the Texan just jelled with the Dutch race track. He made his Grand Prix debut at the track in 1986 and won the Dutch Grand Prix 3 times. His lap record, set in 1991, remained unbroken for 10 years. His final victory at the ‘Circuit van Drenthe’ came in 1993, the year he won the world championship.

Schwantz had his first real go at the victory in Assen during the 1989 Dutch TT, only for his Suzuki to break down with 1 lap to go, handing the win to his countryman Wayne Rainey. Revenge was sweet the following year with Schwantz taking the win in front of Rainey after a race-long battle. In 1991 the roles were reversed, only for Rainey to make a mistake in the final corner which let Schwantz through to take his 2nd. TT win. In 1992 in the Haarbocht corner Schwantz crashed out of the race together with 4-times world champion Eddie Lawson. In 1993, the year he won the world title, a calculating Schwantz beat Australian Michael Doohan to take his 3rd and final Dutch TT win. In 1994 the world champion amazed everyone by starting the race with a broken wrist he had suffered in a nasty qualifying crash. He even led the race for a while, to the enjoyment of the Dutch crowd which cheered a pain-stricken Schwantz on to an eventual 5th. place finish.

‘Revvin’ Kevin’, as he was nicknamed, would make one final appearance in Assen during the 1995 Dutch TT. Having announced his immediate retirement from the sport just a few weeks earlier, Schwantz rode a lap of honour before the 500cc race commenced to say goodbye to the Dutch fans. Kevin Schwantz won a total of 25 Grand Prix races and the 1993 world 500cc championship. 5 years after his retirement he was inaugurated as a ‘MotoGP Legend’, in 1999 he was inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame and in 2019 into the American Motorsports Hall of Fame.

Win a ‘Meet & Greet’ with Kevin Schwantz

Legendary prototype Group C Endurance racers, vintage sports and touring cars and authentic Grand Prix and Superbikes will marvel the crowds in the ‘Cathedral of Speed’ during the Classic GP, September 8 – 10 at TT Circuit Assen – Holland. Tickets are available from 15 Euros on Friday, 30 Euros on Saturday or Sunday to 49,50 Euros for a three day pass. Buying tickets before January 1st. offers fans the chance to win a ‘Meet & Greet’ with the former world champ in Assen.

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